Last week students flooded #BacktoNBISD filling our classrooms once again for the 2023-24 school year! We are thrilled to have all our kiddos back in school for the upcoming academic year. The halls of our campuses are abuzz with excitement as students and teachers prepare to embark on a journey of learning, growth, and discovery together. As we open our doors this school year, we wanted to take a deeper at look at the numbers that went into our first week of school here in NBISD!

15 NBISD campuses opened their doors for a new school year that promises the opportunity to create lasting memories and achieve remarkable accomplishments.

1,265 staff members welcomed back our students last week! Our staff works tirelessly every day to ensure that our campuses are safe, engaging, and nurturing environments where every student can thrive.

9,744 students filled our school halls! With them, they brought laughter, curiosity, energy and countless smiles!

15 Law Enforcement Officers served on our campuses to ensure student and staff safety.

52 Bus Drivers and Aides safely drove 39 buses on 1,085 routes for a total of 18,125 miles driven in just the first week of school!

Around 80 Custodians and 60 Food Service Workers kept our schools clean and provided 15,500 nutritious meals to our students this week. 

26 Technology staff members supported our campuses around the clock to ensure classrooms had the technology tools they needed to begin instruction on the first day of school. 12 instructional technology staff members deployed 9,744 iPads to our students giving each of them the power to harness learning in their own hands.

64 Admin Staff supported our schools, teachers, students and parents this first week of school. The processes they’ve set in place ensure that everything runs smoothly day in and day out.

664 Teachers taught an innumerable amount of lessons which sparked knowledge and growth that will surely outlast this 1 amazing school year!