Scorecard Update Regarding Student Success

Priority one of the district scorecard outlines guidelines for student success. The three main goals of this priority are to increase the percentage of academic student growth, increase the percentage of students who are college and/or career ready, and develop well-rounded students that are the best versions of themselves.

Goal 1.1 of the district scorecard strives to increase academic growth for all students. NBISD uses many data inputs to gather information about student growth over a school year, including the Early Warning System at the high school level and the MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) data at grade levels K-8.

NBISD uses the Early Warning System as one of the systems to gauge student success at the high school level. The goal is to annually decrease the number of students that are at a high or medium risk (based on academics, attendance, and discipline) of not successfully advancing from one grade level to the next from 20.7% to 15.3%

Our high school campuses have been working on strategies to accomplish this goal. Some strategies strive to build strong relationships between targeted at-risk students and staff. Administrators at New Braunfels High School use a 10 X 2 strategy to aid in building these relationships.

Our staff aim to focus on a particular student who is at risk for 10 straight days, making it a point to spend 2 minutes a day chatting with them about non-academic related topics. These conversations help the staff and students get to know each other better and also help the students to feel supported at school. This strategy has helped to boost attendance in 60% of the targeted students. The chart below shows the trends of the Early Warning System at our High Schools from 2022-2024.

Data used to monitor growth in grades Kindergarten thru 8th grade is the MAP Growth Assessment.  Data from this assessment gives insights as to  the growth that  has occurred  in Math and Reading over two points in time. The charts below show growth in grades 1-8 in Math and Reading (the purple bars) from January 2023 to January 2024 and compared to national growth norms (the orange diamonds).

Goal 1.2 works toward ensuring students are career and college ready when they graduate from high school in NBISD. There are numerous indicators, determined by TEA, that students can meet to show college and career readiness. Two such indicators are earning an industry based certifications and/or meeting the Texas Success Initiative criteria, which is performance on SAT/ACT/TSIA2 assessments.

To date, 65% of 2024 Seniors have met a CCMR component while 82% of our School of Choice graduates have met a CCMR component. 70% of Seniors are currently meeting the ELA requirement of the SAT/ACT/TSIA2 (as compared to 69% last year) and 62% are currently meeting the Math requirement of the SAT/ACT/TSIA2 (as compared to 59% last year). It’s also important to note that 15 students earned an industry-based certification at the end of the first 2023-24 semester.

Goal 1.3 ensures NBISD strives to develop well-rounded students that are the best versions of themselves. NBISD encourages all students to participate in extracurricular activities so they have the opportunity to develop and excel at interests they find meaningful. Both elementary and secondary campuses strive to provide an array of extracurricular activities to their students ranging from clubs to athletics to fine arts to student government. Students are encouraged to find something that sparks their interest and get involved. Currently, 66% of secondary students are participating in at least one extracurricular activity while 31% of those students are participating in more than one extracurricular activity. At the elementary level, 140 students recently participated in the 5th grade Honor Choir Day that occurred in January and our elementary campuses have formed academic competition teams and are currently preparing for upcoming competitions.

NBISD also recently held its first ever District Art Show where hundreds of students from across all grade levels came together to showcase their artwork. Student art was set up and displayed at New Braunfels Middle School. Parents and family members were invited to view the student art.

Students were given the opportunity to speak to their creations and describe the inspiration behind each piece. The art show was very successful and the district plans to make this an annual event moving forward.

Board Budget Workshop #6 – Review of Fiscal Year (FY) 2024-2025 Budget Process

This was the first update on the first round of staffing for the 2024-25 school year. The information is all tied to the district scorecard – Priority two, high-performing staff and Priority four, efficient district operations.

“As you can imagine opening a new high school can be very daunting with staffing,” said Kathy Kenney, NBISD Chief Human Resources Officer.

To control expenses, NBISD will utilize current staff and openings to staff Long Creek High School. Hires needed for LCHS include core teachers and coaches, fine arts teachers and support staff. The cost to fill these staffing needs is estimated to be about $1.3 million.

NBISD will be implementing a new practice for staffing new elementary schools. Legend Point Elementary and Elementary #11 are slated to open in the fall of 2025. This new practice will include hiring the campus principals in January 2025. Administrative assistants at those campuses and PEIMS clerks will be hired in March 2025, so they can begin preparing for staff and students including register students. Estimated cost for each of these two elementaries will be about $63,000.

“This is a new process for the district and honestly this is a way for us to hire a principal and let them focus on their new school and not have their time split,” said Dr. Laurelyn Arterbury, NBISD superintendent. “Oftentimes, you are going to hire a sitting principal to run a new school and to ask that person to run a school while opening a new school doesn’t seem fair to either campus so this is what this allows us to do.”

Texas Association of School Board (TASB) Update 122 and Locally Developed Updates

A few highlights from the updated TASB update 122 and Locally Developed Updates include:

CSA (Local) Facility Standards: Safety and Security

  • Weekly inspections – all exterior doors are closed, latched and locked
  • Cannot be opened from the outside without a key
  • Access control procedures shall not be interpreted as discouraging parents or guardians from visiting their students campus

CSA (Local) Academic Achievement: Class Rankings

  • HB 3803 permits a student to repeat a high school course
  • Class rank calculations shall not include semester grades from a course that is retaken after a passing grade has been earned. Exception is a student who completed that course in middle school for high school credit. In that case, the student can take the higher grade. The higher of the two grades will be taken.

FFAC (Local) Wellness and Health Services: Medical Treatment

  • Trained school personnel can administer opioid antagonists if a person is experiencing an opioid related overdose.
  • Trained school personnel can administer medication to a person experiencing respiratory distress.

Locally Developed Updates

CE (Local) Annual Operating Budget

  • Maintain three months operating expenses in unassigned fund balance.
  • Maintain 10% of projected annual debt service payments in the debt service fund.
  • Review and approve fund balance commitments on an annual basis with the adoption of the district’s annual budget.

Approval of Yellow Student Buses

NBISD discussed the possibility of using 2021 Bond Program funds to pay for 10 new, air-conditioned school buses. Total cost of the buses will be $1,570,00. Each bus is equipped for 71 passengers. Cost is estimated to be $157,000 per bus.

The district also is considering purchasing vehicles that are a part of what is called the white fleet. These proposed new vehicles include:

CTE – A $54,247 2024 Ford F350 SD Crew Cab Truck, which will be the second CTE vehicle for NBISD as the program expands with the LCHS CTE Program.

Maintenance – A new Box Truck and Crew Cab truck to replace current vehicles that are at end of life. These vehicles are a 2024 Ford Econoline 16’ Box Truck with Lift Gate that is estimated to cost $67,497.

Transportation – A 2024 Ford Expedition estimated to cost $58,165, which will replace a current 6-plus capacity vehicle that is at its end of life.

Estimated cost total for the new white fleet vehicles would be $179,909, which would be paid for out of the general fund.

Approval of Long Creek High School Band and Percussion Instruments

With Long Creek High School opening in Fall 2024, there are some additional items that need to be purchased for the school that are not currently a part of their inventory. Band and percussion instruments need to be added to Long Creek’s inventory as these instruments are not currently on campus. The Board of Trustees voted to unanimously approve the purchase of additional instruments for Long Creek High School.

Board passes  Academic Accountability Resolution for NBISD

In Fall 2023, districts across the state of Texas filed litigation against the Texas Education Agency (TEA) for enacting recent changes to the state accountability system without prior notice to districts. 

This lawsuit has prevented TEA from releasing accountability ratings until the case can be heard in court. The Commissioner of Education failed to provide school districts with “a document in a simple, accessible format that explains the accountability measures, methods, and procedures that will be applied” for the past and current school years. 

While NBISD did not join in the lawsuit, we are dedicated to ensuring that all students and schools are evaluated fairly and that the accountability ratings are based on a system that provides clear signaling of improvement and success.

New Braunfels ISD advocates for higher standards and increased rigor in student performance. Nevertheless, it is essential for school districts throughout Texas to receive sufficient advance notice of how these standards will be implemented, as mandated by law.

Passing this resolution expresses our dedication to ensuring that all students and schools are evaluated fairly and that the accountability ratings are based on a system that provides clear signaling of improvement and success.

Upcoming School Board Meetings

The next regular board meeting will be held on April 8th at 6:00 pm. If you would like to make a public comment at an upcoming board meeting please fill out the request form.

Learn more about the New Braunfels ISD Board of Trustees on our website where you can find recordings and agendas from past board meetings.