The NBISD Board of Trustees met on October 9, 2023 for a regular meeting. The agenda for this meeting featured the following:

  • Scorecard update regarding High Performing Staff
  • Report on Communities in Schools
  • School Safety Update
  • Report on Opening Long Creek High School

Report – Scorecard Update Regarding High Performing Staff

Priority two of the district scorecard focuses on achieving a high-performing staff for NBISD. The two goals of this priority include annually increasing the percentage of highly engaged and satisfied staff, and to annually increase the percentage of relationship building within NBISD.

Goal 2.1

Goal 2.1 of the district scorecard strategizes to annually increase the percentage of highly engaged and satisfied staff. One part of the goal is focused on implementing and sustaining Fundamental 5 as the primary instructional model for NBISD teachers and to increase the use of the strategies during classroom instruction. Targets for this past school year were set based on three year outcomes using baseline data collected in year one of scorecard implementation.  NBISD administrators conducted almost 6,000 walk-throughs during the school year and data regarding Fundamental 5 implementation is reflected in the graph below.  For the 2024–25 school year, NBISD will use current data and the original three year outcomes to adjust the targets and continue moving towards seamless integration of these strategies in daily classroom instruction.

Goal 2.2

In Goal 2.2, NBISD is prioritizing the development, implementation and sustainability of a system that will engage in relationship building within the district. To achieve this, NBISD will increase the number of students responding to “teachers, staff, administrators and counselors will take the time to listen, care and connect” on annual student surveys. One hundred percent of front office staff has received customer service training and staff attendance mirrors the student-attendance rate.

Report-  Communities in Schools

Communities in Schools (CIS) has been partnering with NBISD for 30 years. CIS is a nationwide network that works to surround students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life. 

The CIS Model is research proven to help students stay in school longer and help more students reach graduation. This model includes a needs assessment, planning, and integrated student support. CIS partners with local districts to place highly trained, professional site coordinators inside schools. CIS site coordinators work with our counselors, teachers, and administrators to support students and families in and outside of the school building.

CIS serves all schools here in NBISD. 951 students within the district were positively impacted by the services provided by CIS on our campuses last year. Of these students, 99% were promoted to next grade level, 100% of the seniors graduated, 95% of students showed academic improvement, 80% students showed an improvement in attendance, and 90% of students with a behavior need showed improvement.

This last year CIS provided 26,817 hours of services to CIS students with 44% of these hours being spent on providing supportive guidance and counseling. CIS supports the mental health of students and families in two ways: Mental Health Services and Supportive Guidance.

Fifty Nine New Braunfels High School seniors participated in CIS’s Project Success. Project Success was created by CIS when staff began to see high school graduates without a plan. CIS team members realized that they could use their relationship and trust that they had built with the students to help them plan for a career, the military or trade schools. The program has been successful for more than 15 years. Project Success staff work individually and in groups with high school students receiving CIS services to help them finish high school with a defined plan of success. They also help with college applications, college field trips, FAFSA, and an intensive college and workforce bridge summer program called Life Bootcamp, which is offered at no additional cost for school.

School Safety Update

NBISD currently has 7 SROs, 2 overtime Officers provided by NBPD, 2 Deputies provided by the Guadalupe County Sheriff’s Department. The Comal County Constable Office provides officers for special events, arrival and dismissal, while NBISD is in discussions to receive assistance from the Comal County Sheriff’s Office as well.

There has been a positive impact with law enforcement officials on campus. Many officers can be seen greeting students in the morning, assisting throughout the day and even with High-Five Friday. High-Five Friday occurs at a different elementary school each week and Precinct 3 Constable Craig Ackerman along with NBISD Safety and Security Director Stephen Brown welcome students to school with high-fives. Recently, a K-9 officer has also joined for high-five Friday.

Intruder detection audits have been conducted throughout the year to ensure all exterior doors are locked. These audits take place weekly to ensure all protocols are in place and all exterior doors are functioning as they should.

Every year, staff receive Standard Response Protocol Training. Staff will soon also have the ability to alert law enforcement of an incident or threat with Silent Panic Alert Technology. Staff are also receiving Reunification training so NBISD can efficiently and effectively reunite students with their parents in the event of an emergency.

Other safety measures include, intruder resistant film, perimeter fencing, access control, re-keying all exterior doors, threat assessment team training, school based law enforcement training and door numbering. Assistant principals and counselors also received training from NBPD criminal investigation units to know how to handle situations that involve law enforcement.

A District Safety Committee has also been established which includes security personnel, NBISD staff, and community members.

Report – Opening Long Creek High School

NBISD has been busy preparing to open its second high school campus – Long Creek High School. Read on for updates regarding Academics, Career and Technology, Fine Arts, and Athletics.

Academics: NBISD students will have full acadming programming opportunities between the two high schools. The goal is that every course will be duplicated at each high school with the exception of those that require specialized spaces and equipment.

CTE: Full Career and Technical Education (CTE) opportunities will be available to NBISD students between the two high schools. The goal is to have courses duplicated at each campus with the exceptions of courses that require specialized spaces and equipment. Long Creek High School will have culinary arts and industrial trades, while New Braunfels High School will have automotive technology and JROTC.

Fine Arts: Long Creek High School students will have full fine arts programming and extracurricular opportunities starting next year. Those opportunities include: concert band, marching band, cheer, visual arts, VASE, choir performances and competitions, Theatre performances and One-Act Play competitions all while having a game day atmosphere.

Athletics: Dragon athletics will have opportunities for individual sports to be in UIL districts and compete at the varsity level. Those sports will include cross country, golf, swimming, tennis, track and field and wrestling. Team sports such as baseball, basketball, football, soccer, softball and volleyball will play at the sub-varsity level in the first year. During the 2025-26 school year, team sports will be eligible to be in a UIL district and the ability to compete in the postseason with the exception of football. Football won’t be eligible for postseason or district play until the 2026-27 school year due to UIL realignment rules.

NBISD has collected feedback from parents and found that the major themes from the feedback were centered around equity, academic and extracurricular opportunities and transfer exceptions. FAQs have been posted on our website. The NBISD admin team will continue to take and answer questions emailed to

Sibling Transfer Exception will esure families are not split between two high schools. After thinking deeply about the implications, create conditions where students can provide, making it difficult to make a legacy of traditions. Because of these reasons, NBISD will not be allowing transfers reasons outside of the Sibling Transfer Exception.

“Speaking to navigating change, us as a community, we have a job now as a community to educate our kids by showing them positively how to navigate change,” said Trustee Morgan Renaud. “By being excited and wrapping around our Unicorns and our Dragons and encouraging that, because that’s going to be the thing that we need to do as a community to show them not only do you guys have this, but we have this, and we can run with it and show them, now it’s your turn, go make us champions again!”

Upcoming School Board Meetings

The next regular board meeting will be held on November 13th at 6:00 pm. If you would like to make a public comment at an upcoming board meeting please fill out the request form.

Learn more about the New Braunfels ISD Board of Trustees on our website where you can find recordings and agendas from past board meetings.