Unicorn Stadium will temporarily host Long Creek High School varsity football games while Dragon Stadium and phase II of LCHS are under construction. This arrangement aims to establish a Friday Night Lights culture for the Dragons including the football team, band, other student groups and the fans.

“Join us in supporting not only the Unicorns, but also the LCHS Dragons at Unicorn Stadium as they embark on this exciting journey, building new Friday night lights traditions,” said Richard Mendoza, NBISD Athletic Director. “Let’s make this inaugural season unforgettable for our Dragon student-athletes and the entire community!”

In May, NBISD constituents approved funding for the construction of a $40 million stadium at LCHS as part of a $313 million bond program. The construction of Dragon Stadium must begin immediately so it will be ready for competition play in the Fall of 2026.

In the meantime, Dragon coaching staff requested to have their varsity football games moved to Unicorn Stadium so their athletes have the opportunity to play in a legitimate competition stadium. NBISD exhausted all resources and ideas in developing a plan for Dragon varsity football events and this is the most viable solution to give all students an equitable competition experience.

“We want what’s best for our kids,” said LCHS Boys Athletic Coordinator and Head Football Coach, Adam Harvey, “and we believe giving our athletes and fans the full Friday Night Lights experience at Unicorn Stadium while Dragon Stadium is being constructed is what’s best.” Harvey also thanked NBHS Boys Athletic Coordinator and Head Football Coach, Brad Molder “for being fully accommodating in this initiative to support the Dragons at Unicorn Stadium.”

Temporary Home
To make the Dragons feel at home at Unicorn Stadium, NBISD will be installing temporary branding items such as Dragon stadium flags, banners, wind screens and more. These items can be easily installed and then removed for each LCHS game. Dragon games played at Unicorn Stadium will also have the full varsity football experience, including band, dance, cheer and other student organizations.

New Turf
The Board of Trustees approved the installation of new turf at Unicorn Stadium during a June 17 regular meeting. The turf at Unicorn Stadium has been in place for eight years and is reaching the end of its capacity to safely support student activities. Mendoza recommended replacing the turf this summer before the field will be used regularly during the school year for football, soccer and track seasons.

“The new turf will allow students from LCHS and NBHS to benefit from an enhanced playing surface,” said Mendoza. “New turf also improves the ‘Friday Night Lights experience’ for all of the students involved including band, dance, cheer and other student organizations from both schools.”

Given NBHS’s alignment within a University Interscholastic League (UIL) district (Class 5A-13) and external factors setting the Unicorn schedule, LCHS will move several of their home games to Thursday nights. This shift is common in high school football and helps mitigate scheduling conflicts. LCHS will join a UIL district in the next round of realignment in 2026. In the meantime, the Dragons will play a non-district schedule.

No Unicorn varsity games will be impacted. Currently, as the schedule stands one Unicorn junior varsity game and two freshman games are scheduled to be played at Oak Run Middle School.* LCHS sub-varsity (freshman) teams will play some of their home games at Unicorn Stadium and some at New Braunfels Middle School.

*Junior Varsity and Freshman schedules can be subject to change throughout the year due to various circumstances. 

Edited June 18, 2024.