The enrollment projections for both campuses below are based on splitting the high school populations between NBHS and LCHS. The initial split will begin in Fall 2024, and each year after that, until 2026, another grade level will be added at LCHS.

2024-25 School Year
NBHS 2,000-2,100 (9th-12th grade)
LCHS 800-900 (9th-10th grade)

2025-26 School Year
NBHS 1,600-1,700 (9th-12th grade)
LCHS 1,300-1,400 (10th-11th grade)

2026-27 School Year
NBHS 1,300-1,400 (9th-12th grade)
LCHS 1,700-1,800 (9th-12th grade)