The first-ever Pride of New Braunfels Core Belief Award was presented on November 14th to Lt.Col. Mark House, Senior Instructor of the New Braunfels High School Marine Corps JROTC, for exemplifying the District’s Core Beliefs.

This award was born from a decision made over a year ago when the board readopted their mission. At that time, the Board also set the Core Beliefs that “everyone matters, there are high expectations, and that you act with purpose.”

Superintendent Dr. Cade Smith presented House with a framed letter patch that can be found on any New Braunfels letterman jacket.

The inscription on the award reads: “Presented to Lieutenant Colonel Mark House, United States Marine Corps, retired, for his consistent and continuous role modeling of the NBISD core beliefs, pride of New Braunfels, on November 14th, 2022.”

Lt.Col Mark House retired from the U.S. Marine Corps in 2010, and has worked the past 12 years for NBISD in his current role at New Braunfels High School.

When presenting the award, Smith explained how House exemplifies these core beliefs.

“We certainly want to teach our kids to embody these core beliefs, but we also want [our staff] to be role models of these beliefs,” Smith continued. “There is no doubt when you talk to this person that you feel like you matter. [Colonel House] has exceptionally high expectations and always acts with purpose.”