New Braunfels ISD Superintendent Dr. Laurelyn Arterbury conducted a listening tour, titled Listening with Laurelyn, to allow staff, parents and community members to ask questions and share their thoughts. Dr. Arterbury understands stakeholder feedback is crucial to the success of our school district and their voices can help shape the future of NBISD in a meaningful way.

The first stops on the listening tour were geared toward staff. Two in-person sessions were held at campuses and were well attended by NBISD employees. Then, the listening tour turned to the community via social media and online questionnaires.

Those who wished to ask Dr. Arterbury a question did so through the comment section of the “Listening with Laurelyn” post on the NBISD Facebook page. For those who weren’t on social media or wished to remain anonymous asked questions or shared their thoughts through a form.

In the coming weeks, Dr. Arterbury will select questions and respond to them through a series of videos that will be posted on the NBISD Facebook page and at Keep an eye out to see if your question is answered by Dr. Arterbury on air!

“Your dedication to our students and our school district is truly appreciated, and your perspective is invaluable,” Arterbury said. “I look forward to working together to make our district an even better place for all.” Those who would like additional information can reach out to

How is NBISD planning on handling all the new developments? Are they planning on building more schools to accommodate all the growth?

When will new leaders for Long Creek HS be named? Programs like band and athletics need to start plans with families really early.

Has the district considered rezoning to accommodate for growth? Some schools have over 800 students while others have less than 400.

More and more teachers are being hired that aren’t certified. What is the reason for this?

What is the district doing to capture missing students?
How is attendance being handled?

What, if any, is the rebranding plan for Lone Star? Will there just be a mix of dragons and unicorns?

What is the district doing to attract and keep more qualified teachers?

We would like to extend a sincere thank you to all of the community members that asked questions and gave feedback during our listening tour! We appreciate your participation as your feedback is invaluable to our decision making processes. We received so many questions that we were not able to address all of them via social but we did still want to provide a response to as many as we could. We’ve compiled additional questions and answers below below and invite you to review any you wish to learn more about. There is also a form at the bottom of this page for those who have any additional questions you’d like to ask Dr. Arterbury.

Have more feedback for Laurelyn? Submit your question below!