The Dragon mascot is official! After months of planning and designing, the Long Creek High School Dragon logos have been revealed to students, staff and the community.

A reveal event was held in the library of the future Long Creek High School campus on Friday, Oct. 6. Long Creek High School is New Braunfels ISD’s second comprehensive high school, which is slated to open in August 2024.

“Today, we mark the beginning of a new chapter in the history of Long Creek High School,” said Dr. Angelia Watson, principal. “A chapter filled with spirit, unity and the fierce determination of a Dragon.”

Future Dragons from the New Braunfels High School Ninth Grade Center and New Braunfels Middle School were in attendance, along with feeder-pattern principal, administration and members of the Board of Trustees. Students also unveiled the Dragon logoartboards for those in attendance.

“Today, we will begin creating traditions that will last a lifetime as we fuel our new legacy,” said Addie Beth Vaughn, who is currently a freshman and will be a part of the first graduating class fro

m Long Creek in 2027.

As the Dragon was unveiled students and staff in attendance held up their cell phones to record the releasing of the Dragon.

“We understand this Dragon will become a symbol within our community representing Long Creek High School for generations to come,” Watson said. “A committee of staff and students worked long and hard to design a logo that we can all be proud of.”

After months of painstakingly choosing each detail of the design, the committee brought three versions of the Dragon to future students for the final Dragon vote.

“It was important to us that our students play an integral role and have ownership throughout the entirety of the selection process – from the colors, to the mascot, and finally to the design of the Dragon,” Watson said.

The Dragon mascot was chosen to represent and embody the spirit, courage and resilience that Long Creek High School strives to foster as a school community, and it will be a beacon of inspiration, encouraging us to soar to new heights and achieve greatness.”

The final version of the main logo includes a Dragon head, and to present the school’s namesake, there is a “creek” running down the middle of the Dragon’s body in the school’s colors. A circle encloses the design. Other designs include a full-body Dragon, a Dragon script and combinations of the main logo with text.

For more than 170+ years, New Braunfels High School had been NBISD’s lone comprehensive high school.

“The Dragon will serve as a symbol of adaptability and growth,” Watson added. “Just as Dragons transform and evolve, we too, evolve as individuals and as a district. We will adapt to challenges, learn from experiences, and emerge stronger and wiser, ready to face the future of our new legacy with courage and strength.”

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Dragon Reveal Video