Costa Rica to Honduras, Nicaragua to the Dominican Republic – Oak Run Middle School students virtually traveled to Spanish speaking countries for one of their latest projects.

The task at hand was to create food truck concepts as part of an educational lesson. Menus, small paper food trucks and naming the food truck all were part of the lesson, according to Spanish teacher Kelly Navarro-Britt.

Each group was assigned a Spanish-speaking country, and the menu had to be created in that country’s language with pricing using the nation’s currency. Names of the food trucks also had to represent something from the group’s country.

“We had names like Bongos, Comida de mi abuela, Playa Honduras and Taste of Panama,” Navarro-Britt said. “The academic part of the project was that we were able to learn good Spanish vocabulary.”

ORMS students also were able to order food from real local food trucks on Friday, Dec. 8, when the presentations were revealed.

It was so much fun that it didn’t really feel like a school project, said many students who presented their projects.

“We got to really work together and make up the entire menu, so that was the best part of it all for me,” said Chloe Snider, an ORMS seventh-grade Spanish student.

Fellow seventh-grader Mary Douglas said, “It was a really great project because we got to learn so much about the specific country.”

Some of the students’ menu items included casabe,Honduran banana bread and sopa de carcot. Printed menus had pictures of each dish and the description of what it contained.

Some students like Nina Robison said she enjoyed that the learning came from being hands on rather than sitting through a lecture.

“It just made it so much more fun and easier to learn because we were having a good time,” she said.

Sailor Young said that many of her group’s ideas came from doing lots of research on Google, and it gave her inspiration and a new fond affinity for the new places she had just learned about.

“It’s really interesting to me after seeing and learning about all of the culture and food,” she said.
“Now, I would just really love to visit all of these countries.”