Embrace challenges
Adapt & adjust
Get better every day

Be the Best Version of You


Listen, care, & connect
Make each other better
Think we not me

Stronger together


Everyone matters
High expectations
Act with purpose

Ready for tomorrow

NBISD is committed to fostering a dynamic and innovative learning environment that equips students with the knowledge, skills, and character necessary for success in an ever-evolving world. At the heart of this commitment lies NBISD’s scorecard, a comprehensive roadmap designed to guide the district in achieving its mission and vision, while upholding core beliefs.

The scorecard serves as a compass, aligning the district’s goals and initiatives with its foundational principles, ensuring that every student receives a high-quality education that prepares them for a successful future. Through thoughtful planning and execution, NBISD aims to create an educational landscape that not only meets the needs of today’s students but also anticipates and addresses the challenges of tomorrow.

“Our scorecard is a valuable initiative as it provides a clear roadmap for achieving milestones and improving the overall performance of our students, and the district, as a whole.”
– Dr. Laurelyn Arterbury, NBISD Superintendent

Student Success

NBISD wants every student to show improvement in school each year. We are pushing for more students to show improvement in their MAPs assessments by at least a year.

As a district, we are also putting in the effort to make sure more 3rd to 8th-grade students meet the standard on the STAAR test by making sure students are progressing and meeting the standards set for their grade levels.

NBISD wants to ensure that our students are ready for college or a career when they graduate. To do so, we are going to work with students to help them meet the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) standards, which includes exams like SAT, ACT, College Prep, and TSIA2. NBISD is looking to improve TSI Math and Reading scores each school year.

Beyond academics, NBISD has a plan to get students ready for the workforce and careers by making sure each student is ready for the career path they choose. We also continue to work to help students get industry-based certifications so they are equipped with the skills they need to be successful.

High-Performing Staff

NBISD continues working on retaining our amazing staff by keeping them satisfied and engaged. In the classroom, NBISD is utilizing a tool called Fundamental 5, which provides information about what should be done in the classroom. The district is aiming to increase the use of the Fundamental 5 in different parts of lessons such as Framing Lessons, the Power Zone, Critical Writing, FSGPT and Recognition and Reinforcement.

As a district, we are also setting up a system to make sure that everyone in NBISD is relationship-building. Teachers, staff, administrators, and counselors – we want them all to be in the loop, taking the time to listen, care, and connect with one another.

We also want NBISD to be a warm and welcoming place when visitors are on campus. All of our front-office staff will or have received customer service training. Staff showing up to work mirrors how often the students show up for their classes.

Strong Partnerships

NBISD is aiming to make sure our students, parents, and community members are satisfied with what we’re doing. NBISD will continue to measure and evaluate satisfaction each year. It is vital to the success of our school district that we form strong relationships with our community partners.

As a school district, we also want to work with all our parents and community members to create partnerships that help NBISD continue to excel with a strong and historic legacy.

First, a partnership assessment will be conducted to figure out where we stand. This will be reviewed and a plan of action will be created. With these plans of action, NBISD will seek to find where and how we can develop, implement and sustain strong partnerships on an annual basis. It is imperative for NBISD to work with our partners and community members so we can provide the best possible learning experience for all of our students district-wide.

Efficient District Operations

NBISD wants to assure the community about its financial stewardship and transparency. To do so, NBISD will: Implement financial health systems checks; develop, implement, and sustain budget cohort learning for all budget managers; and develop, implement, and sustain a system of PEIMS oversight to keep track of NBISD data and to ensure it’s accurate. Each year, NBISD strives to have financial checkups free of issues and are working towards an unmodified opinion from an independent auditor.

The NBISD Board of Trustees will be providing updates on the district’s budget every quarter, and district officials have started presenting bond expenditures on a regular basis.

As NBISD continues to grow, we need a solid plan to manage all these new spaces and changes, which is why we have a facility management process in place. Additionally, NBISD has put together a Long Range Facilities Planning Committee (LRFPC) and will continue to plan and meet. Recently, reports about our detailed plans for our facilities were released to make sure our district continues to operate well.

The district wants to be efficient in our everyday work as well, which is why we have been putting together key work processes by upgrading our maintenance work order system. This allows district officials a way to keep track of and complete maintenance tasks.