Snowball fights, ice skating and mazes all are part of the Winter Wonderland that was created for Seele Elementary School students. (See video)

Michelle Wisdom is in her sixth year as the school’s librarian, and each year she finds multiple ways to introduce students and attract them to reading. Whether it be in the form of Dia De Los Muertos celebrations, German festivals or Winter Wonderlands, Wisdom always finds ways to make education entertaining.

“There really is intention behind all of this,” she said. “There is a science behind connecting emotions to learning, and that is what is best for students.”

This is the second year that Wisdom has created a Winter Wonderland with the help of her “phenomenal volunteers.” One kindergartener even said, “it was the best day ever!”

Through the Winter Wonderland, there are also connections to books and getting them excited about entering the library.

Third grader Zakk Gonzales lit up when he walked through the double doors of the Seele library. He said his favorite part of the Winter Wonderland was ice skating, in which the students slide on wax paper around a rink that includes holiday friends, flashing lights and a disco ball.

“It’s really important for kids to read, so I try to find ways to attract them to books and the library,” Wisdom said. “If you can’t read, everything else is going to be difficult. We introduce the kids to books, to have them think.”

In the maze area, there are books about characters like “Dogman.” Dogman is a crime-biting canine who is part dog, part human, and all hero.

That’s why second grader Ramon Dudley said it was one of his favorite characters in the entire library.

“I really liked the maze, and I found one of my favorite books,” he said. “I also loved the snowball fight.”

Lilliana Doody is a fifth-grade student who just began attending Seele this year. However, her grandfather attended the school in the 1950’s.

“This is all just really fun to me,” she said. “It was really cool to me because I was homeschooled before this.”

While there is lots of fun to be had, Wisdom’s true meaning behind the Winter Wonderland or any other display she puts on is the students.

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