New Braunfels High School’s School Resource Officer (SRO) and administration team acted fast to ensure that their campus was safe by quickly diffusing a fight between two students on Monday, Sept. 25.

During the altercation, a 17-year-old student attempted to use a pencil. The pencil did not make contact, and the other student was not injured in the incident.

After the aggressor was detained and was being escorted by NBHS’s SRO, the student unsuccessfully attempted to reach for the SRO’s weapon. The student was arrested and had minor injuries attributed to the altercation with the other student. The student was medically cleared at a local hospital and then transported to the Comal County Jail, where the student is now facing charges of Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon and Attempting to Take a Weapon from an Officer.

“The NBHS Administration Team and SRO did a phenomenal job securing the situation,” said New Braunfels ISD Director of Safety and Security Stephen Brown. “Our team was able to promptly and properly diffuse the situation.”

NBISD approved the addition of nine SRO’s to the district this year, and has committed over one million dollars in funds to allow for one armed law enforcement officer to be posted at each of the district’s 15 campuses. It is NBISD’s utmost priority to ensure the safety and security of its students and staff each day at school.

NBISD campus administrators are properly equipped with the training necessary to safely and swiftly diffuse student situations at school. Campus admin teams receive SAMA (Satori Alternatives to Managing Aggression) training which focuses on teaching methods to de-escalate crisis situations and aggressive behavior.

“I am thankful our team had the training they needed to take control of the situation without hesitation,” said NBHS Principal Greg Hughes. “We take the safety of our students very seriously.”

Brown will be providing an update on safety and security at the October 9th Board of Trustees meeting.

NBISD appreciates the quick and swift responses of the SRO and campus staff to ensure that student safety is always a top priority.

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