Project Cost Proposition Student Usage
Field Events$50,000.00Prop AAthletics
Maintenance Projects Contingency Funds$55,690.00Prop ASchool Buildings
School Safety and Security Contingency Funds$77,250.00Prop ASafety, School Buildings
Radios for Single Emergency System$90,000.00Prop ASafety
Intruder-resistant Glass$172,000.00Prop ASafety
Replacing Band Trailer$200,000.00Prop ABand, Fine Arts
Raptor Software for Lockdowns$275,000.00Prop ASafety
Build 4 Tennis Courts$300,000.00Prop AAthletics
Renovate Spring Sports Facility$300,000.00Prop AAthletics
Classroom Door Hardware$330,000.00Prop ASafety
Additional Card Readers$355,000.00Prop ASafety
Playground Equipment & Sun Shades$500,000.00Prop ASchool Buildings
Hardening of Exterior Gates/Fencing$505,000.00Prop ASafety
Replacement of Fire Alarm Systems$535,000.00Prop ASafety
Replacement of Intercom Systems$609,000.00Prop ASafety
Replacement of Select Exterior Doors$623,000.00Prop ASafety
Install Entry Vestibules$828,750.00Prop ASafety
Rebuild Main Parking Lot$900,000.00Prop ASchool Buildings
Interior Refresh Projects$935,000.00Prop AAcademics
Sidewalks & Parking Lot Additions$950,000.00Prop ASchool Buildings
New Parking Lot$1,000,000.00Prop ASchool Buildings
Artificial Turf for Practice Field$1,100,000.00Prop AAthletics
Instrument Replacement$1,300,000.00Prop ABand, Fine Arts
Window Replacement for Energy Efficiency$1,540,800.00Prop ASchool Buildings
LED Lighting Projects$1,672,000.00Prop ASchool Buildings
Demolish Field House & Existing HS Main Building$1,697,280.00Prop AAcademics, Athletics
Softball Complex Upgrades$2,000,000.00Prop AAthletics
Agricultural Science Facility Upgrades$2,500,000.00Prop ACTE
New Braunfels High School Stadium Upgrades$2,500,000.00Prop BBand, Athletics, Fine Arts
Renovate Library for JROTC$2,532,000.00Prop ACTE
Bus Replacement$3,000,000.00Prop ABand, Athletics, Fine Arts, CTE, Academics
Student Device, Staff Hardware, Network Hardware Refresh$3,000,000.00Prop CBand, Athletics, Fine Arts, CTE, Academics
Outdoor Sports Locker Room$4,500,000.00Prop AAthletics
Administrative & Project Management Fees$5,000,000.00Prop ASchool Buildings
Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing Upgrades$5,725,000.00Prop ASchool Buildings
HVAC & Districtwide Automation Integration$5,956,000.00Prop ASchool Buildings
Roofing$6,965,510.00Prop ASchool Buildings
Phasing Costs$7,448,764.00Prop ASchool Buildings
Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment & Technology (6% of cost)$12,722,912.00Prop AAcademics
Project Contingency (8% of total construction)$14,527,604.00Prop ASchool Buildings
Fees, Permits & Soft Costs (9% of total construction)$16,311,425.00Prop ASchool Buildings
Project Escalation$24,814,015.00Prop ASchool Buildings
Long Creek High School Stadium$40,000,000.00Prop BBand, Athletics, Fine Arts
Rebuild Academic/Field House Wing$54,846,000.00Prop AAcademics, Athletics
Rebuild High School Athletics/Fine Arts$81,750,000.00Prop AAthletics, Fine Arts
 Project Cost Proposition Student Usage