A collaborative effort between NBISD Health Services, the Counseling Department and Texas AgriLife Extension brought the WATCH UR BAC program to New Braunfels High School on March 5th. This initiative aims to raise awareness about alcohol and drug-related issues among students.

“The Health Services and Counseling Departments began looking into programs to provide awareness and prevention education earlier this year,” said Mary Coronado, NBISD Director of Health Services. “The Watch UR BAC campaign is an education program presented by Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service to teach students about the dangers of alcohol and drug misuse, including vaping and fentanyl.  What made this program special to us was its interactive hands-on approach for students.” 

The program began with presentations on alcohol and drug awareness, including the potential risks and consequences associated with substance abuse. 

Hands-on learning also was available to the students to make the experience more engaging. Interactive stations were used to immerse students in various activities related to DWI prevention and substance awareness.

Students had the opportunity to experience simulated scenarios related to driving under the influence (DWI). The use of marijuana goggles provided students with a unique perspective on the impairment caused by marijuana use. The Drunk and Drugged Suit allowed students to physically feel the effects of impairment. There was also a station dedicated to sobriety testing, which enabled students to witness how law enforcement determines impairment. 

Fentanyl education also was implemented during this event. HB 3908  calls for fentanyl education for 6th through 12th grades. This particular presentation focused on 10th, 11th, and 12th grades.

For more information about the WATCH UR BAC program, please visit: https://watchurbac.tamu.edu/

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